Piñata Cookies

She Knows posted these piñata cookies a few weeks back and I could not resist making these for my friend’s Cinco de Mayo party. The website has a whole “how-to”. I used Alton Brown’s sugar cookie recipe and filled them with nerds instead of mini M&Ms. They were definitely a hit. Now if only I could find a donkey cookie cutter…


6 thoughts on “Piñata Cookies

  1. I am wanting to make these for a kid’s (girl) Cinco de Mayo birthday party saw your cookies and loved them. I was wondering if you could tell me how you made them. I have cutter similar to yours and don’t want to spend the money on a donkey. I saw the “how to” on She Knows and was wondering what you layered you dough in before freezing? What did you use to put a hole in the cookie to insert the nerds? Do you need to have 3 cookies or can it be done with 2? I know the donkey was done with 3 cookies but that was to make them stand, correct?

    • Hi! The three cookies is necessary to make the pocket for the candy however you can make it thinner so there is less cookie there will just be less candy as well. I used a smaller cutter for the hole but you can really just cut out a space like a square if you do not have one. Good luck! I hope that helps!

    • Also I just layered the dough on itself and put it in the fridge to harden enough to cut so the stripes wouldn’t bleed. Just make sure to add a little flour and water paste to stick them together!

  2. I there, I read your LA Times article on your job as a a recipes tester. It would be my dream job. Do you or can you give me your advice on how to pursue a career as a recipe tester? Thank you for your time.

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