Petit Gateau

Little cakes.

This dark chocolate dome is filled with gianduja dipped potato chips layered with blackberry gelee and flourless chocolate cake. Potato chips you ask? I was instructed to blanch them in sugar syrup, bake them at low heat for about an hour and let them dry overnight with the pilot light on. It was something I never thought to try. Perhaps other vegetables would add a nice crunch to a petit gateau. Do I see carrot chips in a layered carrot cake in my future?


Back to school

School has been a whirlwind of hard work, chocolate covered clothes, burned hands, friend logic boards and little sleep. Such it is at culinary school, just when you think it can’t get harder it does. But it is worth every minute. Every disagreement, every angry chef, every cut, every burn, every recipe that doesn’t go as planned. I am learning what I came here to learn and for that I cannot complain.