Cascara, have you had it? What do you think? More to come.



Cascara it turns out is the “cherry” from the coffee plant. It is also known as Coffee Cherry Tea although it is not technically a tea. It has become quite popular in posh coffee shops and I have tried it via French press as well as in a spritzer. I enjoy the beverage due to the fact that it seems to have lower acidity than coffee and yet still contains a decent amount of caffeine. The taste has hints of lemon and chicory.


Mixed Berry Tart



Mixed berry tart with a sugar cookie crust, vanilla bean diplomat cream and fresh berries.

Pastry cream was one of the first recipes I learned in school and was one of the ones they tested us on the hardest. A basic pastry cream is really just a cooked custard however if made wrong it can become clumpy and contain a starchy flavor. The key is to whisk continuously once adding the eggs and starch, keeping at bay the cornstarch dumplings that tend to form. Fold in some whipped cream and you have a light filling for a fruit tart!

Stormy weather

Stormy weather

I have always dreamed of living in a coastal town and low and behold here I am. Walking home along the shore line can never grow old as I am old enough to appreciate that beauty like this may not last forever and I was never desensitized to it in my youth. From the top of a short hiking path I saw the most amazing sky view. The storm was heading towards us and we quickly turned around. Event violent waves still carry a certain calm.