Doctor Who?


The past few weeks have been full of changes, I started a new job, I have been apartment hunting, I’ve been commuting 4 hours a day while apartment hunting… I’ve been enjoying getting to know the trains. Really.

Before all the stress however, there was a day of peace and enjoyment. The best start to any holiday season: the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Now I know that if you are not a Doctor Who fan you will just not understand the kindred feeling you get as part of a group watching an hour of television together. Knowing that there are thousands of people all over the world that are appreciating something at the same time as you makes me wish we made more of those connections over things of real importance (like say, peace or poverty, or hunger, or…well the list goes on). On a creative note, it is very inspiring to see something continue to grow and surprise after 50 years.

So, having come home the night before the showing after the interview for the earlier mentioned job with just enough time to buy ingredients, I decided that 4 hours was more than enough time to bake, cool, ice, and fondant a cake. So here, in honor of the 11th (or 12th?) Doctor Who. Here’s to you Matt Smith. What a run.

*This cake was inspired by one found on Pinterest