Happy Fall and a chocolate cake


What? How can it be November already!? I feel like I was just making bagels yesterday and hoping for an early day to take a bike ride. Now I would have to leave work at three just to catch the sunset! Fall in the Napa Valley brings the wine harvest and with wine, comes food of course! I was invited to my first beefsteak this week and let me tell you, it was an experience. Beefsteaks are native to New York and were popular many years ago but became too expensive for most people to continue. The rules: no forks, no napkins, just meaty¬†greasy food. Upon arrival all guests were provided aprons and drinks. Our courses came in “waves’ starting with ground beef patties and fried onions. From there we moved on to some small bites of chicharrones, rillettes, rendered beef tallow, and home made potato chips (they had four mini fryers going). The first wave came out and was a delicious brisket with a vinegar based sauce that nobody could seem to get enough of. From here I should backtrack and say that the hosts, along with my boyfriend, built a smoker and had started smoking the meat the day before. The second wave¬†was smoked pork butt. We moved on through the biggest rib eye I’ve ever seen served on sourdough toasts and covered with gravy-that was a fun one to eat with no forks- then onto pork ribs, and we finished with a rack of lamb. For those that had survived the clogged arteries I of course brought chocolate cake.

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