Peanut Butter Pie

IMG_0709 - Version 2The biggest competition in food service is none other than mom. Can you remind people of mom’s cooking? Can you beat mom’s cooking? It is one of the challenges of working in the kitchen. Work versus love. Luckily I love my work. Today’s special I feel will be one of those desserts that everyone will compare to their own experience with it in the past–myself included. ┬áMy lovely assistant made a beautiful peanut butter pie today. My only complaint is that she was not there to plate up her masterpiece! Before she even started I had in my mind a peanut butter pie I used to love as a child. It was made by one of my mother’s community theater friends and every time they had a party I hoped with all my heart that the peanut butter pie would be there. As many of my childhood memories are probably warped it is hard to say how much of the pie I ate but I remember I could not get enough and probably ate myself to sleep.

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